breastfeeding cover
breastfeeding cover
breastfeeding cover


If you are planning to raise your child in a natural and environmentally friendly way, then a Natural Baby Poncho is the perfect choice for you.

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Welcome to Natural Baby Poncho

The Natural Baby Poncho was created for Mums who want the best for their baby while also enjoying a sociable lifestyle.

Breastfeeding is unarguably the best option, but some Mums may feel self-conscious feeding in public. Trying to find a private area to breastfeed in is difficult and can become very stressful if a baby is hungry and crying. As a result, breastfeeding may limit the activities you participate in or how often you go out.

The unique design of the Natural Baby Poncho eradicates these problems, allowing you to breastfeed confidently in public in a choice of fashionable colours - at the park, in a restaurant, at a bus stop, at a football game...

"Best for baby and best for Mum..."

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